Eight, Arizona PBS premieres Arizona Teacher of the Year 2014, honoring five finalists – Jan. 31

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The annual half-hour special documentary produced by Eight, Arizona PBS features insights from students and colleagues who relate what makes each of the five award finalists remarkable. The broadcast also features a companion online platform, including finalist profiles and other related content.

The AEF Arizona Teacher of the Year program is the only statewide program that spotlights the contributions of Arizona's teachers. The program annually honors 10 extraordinarily skilled and dedicated pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public school teachers at an award luncheon.

The five Ambassadors of Success in contention for the Teacher of the Year honor were recognized at AEF’s 2014 Arizona Teacher of the Year Luncheon, Nov.14 at the Arizona Biltmore:

  • Dayna Burke, 1st grade Sahuarita Primary School, Sahuarita
  • Tabetha Finchum, 4th grade Centennial Elementary School, Tucson
  • Jonathan Parker, 11th grade AP US History, Thunderbird High School, Phoenix
  • Tara Dale, 7th grade General Science, Akimel A-al Middle School, Phoenix
  • Beth Maloney, 5th grade Sunset Hills Elementary School, Surprise

The 2014 Teacher of the Year receives a $15,000 cash award, a full scholarship from Argosy University toward an advanced degree, and other honors. The Arizona Teacher of the Year also becomes a candidate for National Teacher of the Year, the oldest and most prestigious honors program to focus public attention on excellence in teaching.

Nominees include individuals who have gained the respect and admiration of students, parents and co-workers, distinguishing themselves by playing an active and valuable role in their communities as well as their schools. They serve as leaders, demonstrating a superior ability to help all students achieve.

For more information on Eight, Arizona PBS Arizona Teacher of the Year, visit: https://azpbs.org/azteacher/, which features the 2013 broadcast and winner profiles, and will host the 2014 winners and companion content when the documentary premieres in January.

Arizona Teacher of the Year 2014 is an Eight original production, in partnership with the Arizona Educational Foundation, and made possible by the Friends of Eight.

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