Sensational artists Marcus Collins, John Hagen and JC Fisher perform in concert on Eight, Arizona PBS original production The Texas Tenors: You Should Dream – Dec. 2

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Eight, Arizona PBS premieres original production; premiere night to feature in-studio visit with Marcus Collins

PHOENIX — (Nov. 18, 2013) Eight, Arizona PBS debuts its original production The Texas Tenors: You Should Dream, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m., presenting popular artists The Texas Tenors:  Marcus Collins, John Hagen and JC Fisher in concert as they smoothly blend country, classical, gospel and Broadway with their signature humor and cowboy charm.

Marcus Collins from the group will join Eight in-studio Dec. 2 to launch the broadcast premiere of the concert special, discussing the passion and hard work involved in producing The Texas Tenors: You Should Dream. For upcoming details on a live YouTube chat with the group, follow Eight, Arizona PBS on Twitter at

“We are truly thrilled to be the only other act in the history of America's Got Talent, besides Jackie Evancho, to have a PBS special,” The Texas Tenors enthused in the run-up to their accompanying press tour. “The night was absolutely electric, and the audience flooded the venue with palpable energy.”

That energy was amplified by the accompaniment of Arizona’s renowned Phoenix Symphony playing onstage with the band in the 5,000-seat auditorium, creating a remarkable performance of country, classical and other contemporary musical genres.  

Eight, Arizona PBS recorded The Texas Tenors: You Should Dream – the classical crossover singing group’s first-ever PBS special – in Phoenix in May using10 different cameras, offering viewers a unique concert experience, that is both up-close and personal, as well as grand in scope. The trio performs hits from their latest album You Should Dream, including “Wild Horses” and “God Bless the U.S.A”.

“Dreams are coming true every day, and we feel so blessed!” the group says. Indeed many dreams have come true for The Texas Tenors since their rise to stardom in 2009 when more than 100 million people around the world tuned in to watch them perform on America’s Got Talent, leading The Texas Tenors to be the highest-ranking vocal group in the history of the

show. Collins, Hagen and Fisher combine their individual talents and musical backgrounds to produce their unique sound. Collins draws on his classical studies and time on Broadway; Hagen produces a deep tenor voice, mastered after years in opera; and Fisher, who formed The Texas Tenors, finds inspiration from his home in Texas.  “We are three friends with a dream, who formed a group and self-produced as opposed to being cast by a label,” the trio explains. “It’s different for this day and age, and we’re proud that we are a self-made act.”

The artists have performed more than 500 concerts in four years for notable organizations such as the Van Cliburn and Autry Foundations and ConocoPhillips. Numerous symphonies, including The Houston Symphony, Cleveland Pops and more, have combined their talents with The Texas Tenors to entertain fans everywhere.

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