Resources for Arizona Veterans

Resources for Arizona Veterans

As a source of community connections, Arizona PBS want to ensure that veterans in our communities can access the resources they need. Below is a selection of organizations and resources available to veterans and their families.

Be Connected
Phone: 866-4AZ-VETS (866-429-8387) (statewide)

Veterans Crisis Line
Phone: 800-273-8255, Press 1
Text: 838255
Veterans in crisis and their families and friends can connect to qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidential toll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Responders are live, not recorded and can be reached 24/7.

Lifeline for Vets
Phone: 888-777-4443
Connects callers to other veterans of America’s armed forces. This hotline is “vets serving vets” and provides needed help to veterans, their friends and their families.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Phone: 1-844-MyVA311 (1-844-698-2311)

Vet Center Call Center Counseling
Phone: 877-WAR-VETS (877-927-8387)
Provides readjustment counseling to veterans, active duty service members and their families in a safe, confidential environment. Over 70% of VA’s Vet Center staff are veterans, of whom the majority are combat veterans.

Arizona VA Locations
Includes Vet Center locations in Chinle, Hotevilla, Lake Havasu, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson and Yuma

National Center for PTSD
PTSD information voicemail: 802-296-6300
Phone: 844-698-2311
Provides resources to individuals seeking PTSD care for themselves or loved ones.

American Legions
Phone: 800-433-3318
Focusing on service to veterans, service members and communities, the American Legion currently has about 2.4 million members in 14,000 posts worldwide.

VFW – Veterans of Foreign Wars USA
Phone: 816-756-3390
Fosters camaraderie among U.S. veterans of overseas conflicts.

The Mission Continues
Phone: 314-588-8805
Empowers veterans facing the challenge of adjusting to life at home to find new missions.
Phone: 1-800-336-0086
Dedicated since 1996 to providing information about asbestos exposure and mesothelioma cancer to those in need. Because 30% of mesothelioma diagnoses are among the veteran population, they ensure that veterans receive the highest quality information and resources available before, during and after a diagnosis.

Health Care for U.S. Veterans | Simmons Hanly Conroy
Dozens of programs and services provide veterans with top-quality care. Learn about some of the best health care resources for veterans.
Information and support for patients and families affected by mesothelioma.

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