April 29 | Grades 4–8

Wednesday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. Nova: Rise of the Superstorms

The Town Hurricane Harvey Ruined – Video
Tools for Hurricane Forecasting – Media Gallery and Teaching Tips

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Bird Dropping a Bomb Patches/Tattered Red Fabric

The Civil War: Crash Course US History #20 – Video
World War II: Truman and the Atomic Bomb – Video

8:30 a.m. The Great Yellowstone Thaw: PT. 2/3, Spring

Career Connections, Hydrologist – Video
All About Grizzly Bears – Video

Grizzly Bear on the park road at Denali National Park and Preserve | Flickr/Denali NPS/Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0)

9:30 a.m. Wild Weather

Evidence of Weather – Background Reading, Activity and Teaching Tips
Evidence of Wind – Interactive
Severe Weather – Media Gallery

10:30 a.m. Nova: Rise of the Superstorms

Warmer Oceans, More Frequent Hurricanes? – Video and Background Reading
Superstorm Sandy One Year Later – Video

A researcher examines ancient coral reef samples | Still from “Warmer Oceans, More Frequent Hurricanes? | Rise of the Superstorms”
Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen
aired Dec. 3

Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen

Pavlo: Live in Santorini
aired Dec. 3

Don’t miss ‘Pavlo: Live in Santorini’

aired Nov. 28

Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty

Proposal for Phoenix Latino Cultural Center

Don’t miss ‘Horizonte’ Saturdays at 6 p.m.

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