May 4 | Grades 4–8

Monday on Arizona PBS

6:30 a.m. Nova, The Planets: Inner Worlds

NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth | How the Inner Solar System Formed – Video and Support Materials

What’s Unusual About Mercury? | NASA Planetary Sciences – Video and Support Materials

Mercury and Venus Transits – Media Gallery and Support Materials

The Earth | Crash Course Astronomy – Video

7:30 a.m. History Detectives: Stories from the American West

Native Americans in the West: 1838-1900 – Media Gallery, Discussion Questions and Activity

White Farmers in the American West: 1800s – Media Gallery and Support Materials

The Transcontinental Railroad – Media Gallery and Support Materials

The Gold Rush – Media Gallery and Support Materials

“Wild West” Lost LA – Video

Several men pose on horses. | Still from “Wild West” Lost LA

8:30 a.m. The Andes: Kingdoms of the Sky

Grass Bridge – Video, Background Reading and Discussion Questions

The Inca’s Sacred City of Cuzco – Video and Support Materials

9:30 a.m. NOVA, Apollo’s Daring Mission

Explore the Moon – Background Reading and Discussion Questions

Explore the Moon – Interactive

Apollo 8 – Around the Moon (Space Chase USA) – Video

John Glenn’s Official Communication with the Command Center (1962) – Background Essay

10:30 a.m. NOVA, The Planets: Inner Worlds

Development of a Habitable Planet – Lesson Plan

NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth: Life on Enceladus? – Video, Background Reading, and Discussion Questions

NOVA: Life on Titan? – Video and Discussion Questions

NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth – Education Collection

Saturn | Still from “NOVA: Finding Life Beyond Earth | Life on Enceladus?” PBS LearningMedia
Illustration of columns of a capitol building with text reading: Arizona PBS AZ Votes 2024

Arizona PBS presents candidate debates

Earth Day Challenge graphic with the Arizona PBS logo and an illustration of the earth

Help us meet the Earth Day Challenge!

Graphic for the AZPBS kids LEARN! Writing Contest with a child sitting in a chair writing on a table and text reading: The Ultimate Field Trip
May 12

Submit your entry for the 2024 Writing Contest

The Capital building with text reading: Circle on Circle: Robert Lowell's D.C.
May 2

An evening with ‘Poetry in America’

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