May 7 | Grades 9–12

Thursday on Arizona PBS

11:30 a.m. Genius by Stephen Hawking: Are We Alone? Pt. 2/6 (102)

NOVA scienceNOW: Hunt for Alien Earths | Detecting Life on Other Planets – Video and Support Materials
Are We Alone? Ch. 2: The Wink Method – Video

12:30 p.m. The Great American Read: Villains & Monsters (105)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Video and Support Materials
Frankenstein: Analyzing Creative Works of Fiction – Lesson Plan
Gilead: Symbol or Current State – Interactive Webpage
Iago – The Ultimate Villain – Media Gallery and Support Materials
And Then There Were None – Video and Support Materials

Artistic depiction of the monster and Victoria Frankenstein in blue
Still from “Frankenstein | The Great American Read” | PBS LearningMedia

1:30 p.m. Maya Angelou: American Masters (3002)

The Poetry of Maya Angelou – Lesson Plan
Discovering Your Voice Through Poetry Lesson Plan – Document and Support Materials
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise | The Power of Words – Media Gallery and Support Materials
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise | Maya Angelou and the 1993 Inaugural Poem: “On the Pulse of Morning – Video and Support Materials
“On the Pulse of Morning” Full Poem – Document
Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise | “Caged Bird” – Video and Support Materials

3:30 p.m. Influenza 1918: American Experience (1005)

A Letter from Camp Devens – Article
Medical Investigations of Influenza – Image Gallery
The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and COVID-19
Your Immune System: Natural Born Killer | Crash Course Biology – Video

Donald Trump arrives in New York ahead of historic arraignment

Justice Department releases Trump indictment

Diners eat outside on an episode of Check, Please! Arizona

Be a guest on “Check, Please! Arizona”

Morse & The Last Endeavour
airs June 11

Morse and The Last Endeavour: A MASTERPIECE Mystery! Special

Super Why characters

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