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Science documentaries you should check out

Compiled by Andy Trimlett

Is your brain in desperate need of something enriching? Good news. We’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the best science documentaries and web series out there. All of these shows are available to watch right now. Just click the links and press play. Or better yet, find them in the free PBS Video app for your Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, phone or tablet.


Animals, Air

A Life Among the Clouds: A NATURE Short Film

Super Hummingbirds

Animals, General

Deep Look Web Series

Songs for Unusual Creatures Web Series

Animals, Land

Equus “Story of the Horse” | Episode 1: Origins

Equus “Story of the Horse” | Episode 2: Chasing the Wind

Living with Snow Leopards–Tashi’s Story

Running With The Herd: A NATURE Short Film

The Story of Cats | Into the Americas

Animals, Prehistoric

Eons Web Series

Ancient People & Places

Decoding the Great Pyramid

Making North America Human

Making North America: Life

Making North America: Origins


Rise of the Rockets


Coronavirus Pandemic

Gene Doctors

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

I Contain Multitudes Web Series

Life’s Great Miracle

Spillover – Zika, Ebola & Beyond

Your Inner Fish

Your Inner Monkey

Your Inner Reptile



Braincraft Web Series

Can Alzheimer’s Be Stopped?


Reactions Web Series

Shanks FX


Crash Course: Artificial Intelligence Web Series

Crash Course: Computer Science Web Series

CyberWork and the American Dream

Idea Channel Web Series

In the Age of AI


Adaptation to Global Water Shortages

Building a Future: Lumber Poaching in Oregon and Brazil

City Planning

Climate Migration

Dying Oceans: Abalone Restoration In California

Follow the Water

Fueling Change: Oil Extraction in Alaska & California

Healing the Body with United Indian Health Service

Holistic Healing with the Syuxtun Collective

Hot Mess Web Series

Lighting A Path: Embracing Solar Power

Managing Groundwater with the Paiute

Protecting the Coast with the Tolowa Dee-ni’

ReInventors Web Series

Restoring The River with the Yurok, Hupa and Karuk

Tending the Wild

Urban Habitat

Food & Agriculture

Avocado Wars: The Battle Over Water Rights In Chile

Dairy Alternatives: Rethinking Milk In California and Kenya

Decolonizing Cuisine with Mak-‘amham

Future of Food

Nourish Web Series

Serving up Science Web Series

Tribal Hunting with the Pit River Peoples

General Science

Catalyst: Shaping the Future

Gross Science Web Series

It’s Okay to Be Smart Web Series

Secret Life of Scientists


Antarctic Extremes Web Series

Backbone Trail Web Series

Polar Extremes

The Serengeti Rules

Spend An Hour in Snowy Yellowstone | Sights & Sounds


Hunting the Elements

Great Scientists

Decoding Da Vinci

Einstein’s Quantum Riddle

E.O. Wilson of Ants and Men


Infinite Series Web Series


Crash Course: Physics Web Series

The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?

The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap

The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time

Physics Girl Web Series


Black Hole Apocalypse

Crash Course: Astronomy Web Series

The Elegant Universe: Part 1

The Elegant Universe: Part 2

The Elegant Universe: Part 3

The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?

The Farthest — Voyager in Space

Finding Life Beyond Earth

Space Time Web Series

Stellar Web Series

Weather & Seismic Activity

American Spring LIVE: Episode 1 – Birth and Rebirth

American Spring LIVE: Episode 2 – Migration

American Spring LIVE: Episode 3 – Connections

Decoding the Weather Machine

Killer Volcanoes

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