graphic with text reading: Culturally Captivating: Exploring the world through cultural activities

Culturally Captivating: Exploring the world through cultural activities

A very warm welcome back, Superheroes! While the heatwave across the state continues and summer break winds down, it’s the perfect time to embark on fun-filled, air-conditioned adventures. This handpicked assortment of cultural gems are perfect for beating the heat and savoring those precious summer moments.

Get ready to discover a world of cultural treasures that will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to take on the new school year!

Explore galleries and museums

Visit art galleries and museums for a captivating journey through diverse art forms and perspectives. Discover the Phoenix Art Museum’s vast collection of artworks, or celebrate the Latino presence in Arizona at the Arizona Latino Art and Cultural Center. These spaces invite you to explore and appreciate the myriad artistic expressions and gain a profound understanding of diverse cultures. Here’s how you can visit for free!

Immerse yourself in a remarkable journey of discovery and appreciation of the Huhugam heritage by visiting the Huhugam Heritage Center. This cultural gem offers a unique exploration of the ancestral traditions, artistry and resilience of the Huhugam people. Best of all, admission is free.

Check out a public library

Your local public library is a gateway to a world of cultural events and activities for all ages and interests. Discover captivating storytime sessions, engaging workshops and interactive exhibits that spark creativity and imagination. From arts and crafts to book clubs, the library offers a vibrant hub where you can connect with your community, explore new cultures and enjoy enriching experiences that make learning enjoyable and entertaining.

Many libraries offer culture passes providing free or discounted access to museums, art galleries, historical sites and other cultural attractions. With a culture pass in hand, you can embark on enriching adventures, exploring the vibrant art, history and heritage of your community.

Foster community connections at rec centers

Most local community and neighborhood recreation centers host free or low-cost events happening in your area. Many cities organize outdoor concerts, art festivals, farmers markets or movie nights during the summer months. Attending these events can be a great way to relax, socialize and experience the vibrancy of your community.

Join Local First Arizona in celebrating the diverse talents and offerings of local businesses and artisans. These events serve as platforms for community members to come together, support local entrepreneurs and cultivate a sense of belonging and pride in their neighborhoods.

As the end of summer draws near, recharge and have fun with activities that will keep you cool while also igniting a sense of culture and community.

What cultural activity did you enjoy the most this summer? Let us know on social media at @ArizonaEducator on Twitter or Arizona PBS KIDS on Facebook.


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Ashley Burkart, Biology faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College, holds a Masters in Biomedical Science from Midwestern University, where STEM research became her first passion. When she isn’t teaching tomorrow’s leaders, she is either hanging out with her dogs, Raven and Bailey, or hiking the beautiful mountains of Arizona. 

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