Arizona Musicfest: Stravinsky and Mahler

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This week on Arizona Encore, enjoy a re-air from February 21, 2023 of the Arizona Musicfest Festival Orchestra conducted by Robert Moody.

When Gustav Mahler wrote his symphonies, he wasn’t just writing notes on a page. Instead, he was trying to answer those age-old questions we all ask ourselves: “Why are we here in the world?” and “What is my life’s purpose?” For Mahler, every symphony was his way of trying to ANSWER those questions…and, he said, each symphony was its own unique world. You’ll hear selections from Gustav Mahler’s FIRST symphony, sometimes known as “Titan,” this week on Arizona Encore.

As we continue to highlight the Arizona Musicfest,, we’re going back to their 2015/2016 concert season with the Arizona Musicfest Festival Orchestra and conductor Robert Moody. Plus, something playful by Igor Stravinsky. He shares a story about a trickster you might know – Pulcinella. The Arizona Musicfest Festival Orchestra and Robert Moody offer up a 2016 performance of Stravinsky’s “Pulcinella Suite.” And you’ll get a little more information about THIS year’s Arizona Musicfest too. 

Stravinsky - Pulcinella Suite - Arizona Musicfest Festival Orchestra; Robert Moody, conductor

I. Sinfonia

II. Serenata

III. Scherzino; Allegretto; Andantino

IV. Tarantella

V. Toccata

VII. Vivo

VIII. Minuetto - Finale

Mahler - Symphony No. 1 in D Major, "Titan" - Arizona Musicfest Festival Orchestra; Robert Moody, conductor

III. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen

IV. Stürmisch bewegt - Energisch

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