Category: Outdoors and Nature

Rick Steves’ Mighty Alps

In the thin-air pledge special “Rick Steves’ Mighty Alps,” join Steves on an alpine adventure from Italy to Austria to Switzerland to France.

Nature: Patrick and the Whale

Follow Patrick Dykstra in his quest to connect with and understand the hidden nature of the world’s greatest animals.

Nature: Gorilla

Get an look at a silverback family in Gabon’s Loango National Park. Watch brave researchers in the wild coasts in the African tropics.

NOVA Season 51 premiere

Follow scientists as they search for new clues to how mammals moved from land into the sea to become the largest animals on Earth.

The American Buffalo: Blood Memory

For generations, America’s national mammal, the buffalo, sustained the lives of Native people, whose culture intertwined with the animal.

Nature ‘Penguins: Meet the Family’

A celebration of one of Earth’s most iconic and beloved birds, featuring all 18 species of penguins for the first time, from New Zealand, Cape Town, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.

Spy in the Ocean: Deep Trouble

From a baby whale in danger to marine iguanas battling storms to a mantis shrimp’s knockout punch, the spies are never far from trouble.