Best trails to explore this wildflower season

We talked with Author, Roger Naylor, about this year’s wildflower season. It will not be as big as last year, and the year before that, because of the dry winter in autumn. But there are still some great places to go and see. Naylor talked to us about some of those places and where to go to see the wildflowers this year.

Naylor said we will have a subpar year for wildflowers, but it doesn’t matter, and that it is still important to get out and enjoy it now. Naylor said this year we will not see the big field of poppies. He explains that they need a triggering rain to start things. They also need enough moisture throughout the winter.

Naylor talks about some of the flowers we will see. He also discussed where some of the hotspots are and some of the best places to go. One great place he talks about is the Black Canyon Trail. We also discussed when the wildflower watching season begins and ends. He said a lot of times it starts in late February to early April. Naylor encourages everyone to get out and enjoy the wildlife.

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