Analysis of Biden’s 100 days in office speech to congress

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Republican political analyst Chuck Coughlin, the CEO and President of HighGround Public Affairs, and Democratic political analyst Karl Gentles, a partner at Gentles Agency, will offer their assessment of President Biden’s first speech to Congress about his first 100 days in office.

 We asked if Biden’s speech, saying that America is on the move again was the right tone. Gentles said it was the right tone. He believes he has come into the office and done exactly what he said he will do. Coughlin said he thinks he is transforming the way America has been and making it something else. He also said Biden has made a “giant bed”. 

 The speech is about reshaping society. We talked about whether it was radical. Gentles does not think it is radical. He said the pandemic has obliterated a lot of things and there need to be some bold things that have to happen to get us back on track. Gentles does not think it is too much for the President. Coughlin comments on Biden talking about the government delivering. He thinks that Biden will have a hard time selling this type of government.

 Gentles disagrees with Coughlin. He said it is not the first time the government has intervened and he does not believe it will derail the nation. He said he is talking about some things that will help the infrastructure. Coughlin said he doesn’t disagree with that but talks about some of the other things he does not think will work about Biden’s government delivering. He fears that the nation will become “the President’s agenda”. 

Gentles said in order to get his agenda through, Biden will have to compromise. Coughlin said some people on the Republican side of the aisle may have to work with the President on certain things. He said Arizona has some great people for that. Coughlin said that how they navigate this is very difficult. 

Chuck Coughlin, CEO & President HighGround Public Affairs (in studio) and Karl Gentles, Partner at Gentles Agency (on zoom)

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