Vaccine distribution numbers dwindle due to inconvenience

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Will Humble, the Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association discussed the need for wider distribution of the vaccine to reach everyone. He says having these state-run massive sites are not enough. We need to get vaccines to pharmacies and doctors’ offices so more people can get them. 

Our vaccine numbers are dwindling not because people don’t want it but because it’s not convenient. He will also discuss the importance of the U.S. helping out other countries with supplies to prevent variants from coming here.

Humble said we were on a roll through March and April. The people that were highly motivated to get vaccinated have reached their goal. Humble said now they have to focus on the people that want to get vaccinated but also want it to be spontaneously convenient. 

He said some people cannot get there because of transportation. So Humble said they need to make it more accessible for them. There are even people that want to talk to doctors and have questions about the vaccine. They need to get vaccines into doctors’ offices to help with that. Humble said the “one size fits all vaccine” has “played out.”

We talked about people that are getting the vaccine and still getting COVID. Humble goes into the numbers and how effective the vaccines are in “the real world”. Humble said the vaccine is only 10 percent ineffective. Humble also talked about India and why we need to get the vaccine to the rest of the world. He said this helps the US so we can try and prevent other variants of the virus. 

We also looked at the weather in the summer. Arizona is hot in the summer and it creates a winter-like effect. We asked if this poses a concern. Humble said he is not worried about it unless there is a new variant created.

Will Humble, Executive Director, Arizona Public Health Association

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