What you can do when you are fully COVID vaccinated

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Will Humble, the Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association, talked with us about vaccine numbers, the Arizona variant, a POD opening this weekend at Ability360 for people with disabilities to get vaccinated.

We ask him what the COVID numbers are saying. Humble said hospitals are in “fine shape” and numbers are increasing a little bit, but not significantly. Humble said the priority is to make sure we are doing as well as we can with all populations.

We asked Humble if he is concerned about the other variants of the coronavirus. Humble said no and explained that the dominant strain in Arizona is the California strain. He also explains that the rest of the country’s dominant strain is the UK strain. He said what happened on the East Coast is that the UK strain got a hold before the “vaccination events really started ramping up”.

Humble said the vaccines are working. He said the county health departments are doing a great job with mobile events, pop-up events, and clinical vaccination centers.

We talk about what people can do now if they are fully vaccinated. Humble said people should be going back to getting exercise, going back to their book clubs, going to movies, and doing what they enjoy. Humble said what the vaccine does is open up your world.

Humble said to be careful around high-risk people but he also doesn’t think over restricting people is needed when they are fully vaccinated. He even says you can almost go back to normal. Humble also talks about international travel and how in this case, it is a little bit different, since most of the world is just getting started with vaccination efforts.

Will Humble, Executive Director of the Arizona Public Health Association

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