Sports betting now legal in Arizona

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Sports wagering is now legal in Arizona. It’s a big change for the state and we talked about it earlier today with Ted Vogt, the director of the Arizona Department of Gaming.

“It is a momentous day for Arizona,” Vogt said. Arizonans can now place bets on professional and college sports either in person at a sportsbook or through mobile apps that are available from a number of gaming operators across the state.

When checking mobile apps to see if one won money or not, Vogt said there might be a delay. “One of the things that are built into our rules is responsible gaming guardrails such as checking a patron for owing debts to the state, etc,” he added. Vogt said it’s a big change in gaming in the state of Arizona. “You now have the convivence from the palm of your hand to gamble.” Responsible gaming was the main concern when bringing in sports betting into Arizona, he mentioned.

There has been an increase in wager limits of what people can place on tribal lands, Vogt said. “The vast majority of the expansion of gaming in the state of Arizona is happening out on tribal lands.”

Vogt said the department of gaming is working quickly to get everything done efficiently. “I’ve seen some people call this the most momentous day of their life. Arizonans are pretty happy.”

In terms of revenue, Vogt said there will be about $15-$20 million in the next year.

Vogt added if anyone has problems with gambling, people can call 1-800 Next Step to get in touch with the department’s division of problem gambling.

Ted Vogt, director Arizona Department of Gaming

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