Political consultant examines issues within AZ GOP

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There are a number of ongoing issues within the AZ GOP that have drawn national attention. Last week’s visits by former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence in Arizona, on the same day, in different parts of the state, to stump for different candidates, showed what appears to be an increasing rift within the GOP.

The Arizona GOP Elections are around the corner with Kari Lake, Scott Neelym, Karrin Taylor Robson and Paola Tulliani-Zen all in the running. We asked a political consultant for his take on the issues. Arizona Horizon welcomed Chuck Coughlin, the President & CEO of HighGround, Inc.

“The party is deeply divided, the Trump faction of the party continues to live in the past, and focus on the stolen election and the narrative which boosts Trump” Coughlin said. He continued, “There’s a lot of passion around that, from that wing of the party. There’s another wing of the party that wants to move on, including Gov. Ducey, including Mike Pence and what Karrin-Taylor tried to narrow a campaign that’s more about looking forward than looking backward.”

What is the Future of the Republican Party?

When asked about the direction the republican party is headed, Coughlin said “I think it’s going to be up to us and voters in Arizona to decided if this current election system is working for us.”

Chuck Coughlin/President & CEO, HighGround, Inc

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