Adrian Fontes Projected to Win Secretary of State position

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Election season is beginning to slow down, and the numbers were fairly close for some races, such as the Secretary of State race between candidates Adrian Fontes and Mark Finchem.

It was announced Saturday that Fontes had won securing about 52.4% of votes. Joining us now is projected winner of Arizona’s Secretary of State, Adrian Fontes.

“I think Arizonans are sick and tired of the lies. They’re sick and tired of the nonsense. They want to move past 2020. But I think it was just a little bit more than that. I think they really believe that our election systems are just fine. We do very, very well,” Fontes said.

We know that we can trust our neighbors and county officials, because they are the ones who run the election and are trusted to do the job well, Fontes said.

For those who do not have the kind of confidence in the Arizona election system, Fontes encourages the doors to be opened and to allow people to come in and fully see the process for themselves.

“Arizona is still in many ways the gold standard for national election administration. We do an incredibly good job. We have some of the highest qualified and most experienced folks still running our elections in Arizona. And like everywhere else, we’ve experienced a couple bumps in the road, but we’re going to continue to improve and do better and better for our residents,” Fontes said.

Is it healthy to have such a separation of the votes coming in at different times for each political party?

“I think what it does is it separates the people who understand our systems from the people who don’t understand our systems. The folks that understand our systems are going to know this. We’ve seen it cycle in and cycle out,” Fontes said.

Back in the day, the margins were much larger, but the votes are tighter in the races today, according to Fontes.

“I personally prefer accuracy, accountability and security to speed. The world of instant gratification runs far too quickly in my view,” Fontes said.

Adrian Fontes, Arizona's Secretary of State

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