‘How I Lost 100 Pounds in Just 50 Years:’ Kristin McCartor’s new humorous manifesto

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Local author Kristin McCartor has written a new book that takes an irreverent look at the weight loss industry and her own decades-long journey to shed pounds. She joined us on Arizona Horizon this week to discuss it.

McCartor’s book is called, “How I Lost 100 Pounds In Just 50 Years: A slim, semi-humorous manifesto about a big fat problem: Our flawed approach to weight issues.”

“I had dieted for half-a-century, and toward the end of that, I had some success not just week-to-week but month-to-month and even year-to-year. I saw my weight go down, but it also felt better. I had a clearer mind, I had energy, I wasn’t hungry all the time, and I did it kind of by reversing the advice I had tried to make work for several decades. It was kind of crazy,” McCartor said.

The idea for the book came to McCartor when she realized a lot of the standard diet advice she followed was not just flawed but appeared to often backfire. McCartor tackles a wealth of diet, surgical, nutritional, disease and discrimination topics related to society’s ideals with weight.

McCartor would take her dogs for a walk and would share her weight loss journey with them.

“Then I realized I really wanted to help other people who struggled with weight and diet, and so I need a broader audience than just canines,” McCartor said.

McCartor said the diet that worked for her was the Keto diet. She cut out dairy even though she was resistant to the idea, but after three days, the pain she felt in her joints was gone.

McCartor believes there is no one diet that works for everyone.

“Every body is different, and I have heard from some Keto doctors that Keto doesn’t work for a small section of people. It backfires in some ways,” McCartor said.

She uses humor and common sense to dispute past and present fallacies about weight issues. She also takes a look at what’s really behind our obesity epidemic and the questions we all need to ask the people who tell us what to eat.

You can buy the book on Amazon.

Kristin McCartor, author or "How I Lost 100 Pounds In Just 50 Years"

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