Celebrating 20 years of the Center for the Future of Arizona

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The Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) is celebrating 20 years of service. We welcomed Dr. Sybil Francis, President and CEO of the Center for the Future of Arizona to Arizona Horizon.

The center celebrated its 20th anniversary on Oct. 25 at the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn, commemorating their long years of service. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona State President Michael Crow and Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee also joined the celebration.

CFA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to bringing Arizonans together to create a stronger and brighter future for the state.

“Very early on, we decided we needed to listen to what matters most to Arizonans and we have very specific ways that we do that,” Dr. Francis said. “We listen very closely to what Arizonans want. We focus on those things that we agree on and where we can come together around a positive agenda to work together and make that future happen.”

“The Arizona We Want” is a concept that Dr. Francis explained. She said that it was derived from public opinion survey research the Center conducted over the last 15 years. The surveys covered important topics related to the future of Arizona: education, jobs, environment, immigration and other issues.

At the celebration, the organization unveiled plans to embark on a three-year campaign designed to accelerate its progress in the years ahead.

“We are a nonprofit, so we do have to raise money for ourselves,” Dr. Francis said. “It was kind of exciting. It’s really our first-ever fundraising campaign. We’ve raised money for ourselves over the years but it’s exciting to launch this ‘Building a Bright Arizona Together’ campaign.”

Dr. Sybil Francis, President and CEO, Center for the Future of Arizona

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