Artist Antoinette Cauley premieres solo exhibition surrounding ‘Hood Culture’

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Antoinette Cauley, known for her realistic portraits and a giant-sized mural of activist and author, James Baldwin, is back with a new solo exhibition.

“I Do It For The Hood, Pt.2” kicks off December 15 at Modified Arts. It features 20 new pieces she created both in Berlin and Phoenix. Her work is about “Hood Culture” which embodies a deliberate redefinition of imposed marginalization and stereotypical narratives. The exhibition expresses love and appreciation for the culture while also asking the viewer to confront their own racism.

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“What I’m really doing here is talking about the consequences of American slavery and colonialism on Black, Brown and Indigenous communities today. I want to raise awareness about certain issues for people who aren’t thinking about it, so it’s an opportunity for people to come and sort of decolonize your mind. But it’s also shining a light on the beauty and the resilience in these communities and reflecting that back to the people who show up who are from these hoods,” Cauley said.

This is done through art by intentionally painting her subjects in very powerful positions, according to Cauley. She sheds light on their stories by incorporating their heritage and families.

“I speak to the beauty of the city. A lot of people who live here oftentimes maybe might not have hope or think that they can’t get out. I think I represent the possibilities for them through the work,” Cauley said.

The responses to this art so far have been very positive, with people from inside and outside the city alike expressing their love for the pieces.

The inspiration for this exhibition came from Cauley’s time in Germany when she was feeling discouraged about her art not being featured in museums. She sat down and reflected on who her career was actually for and who she was looking to inspire.

“It’s marginalized communities. It’s my community back home in South Phoenix and all of Phoenix. So I decided to title the show ‘I Do it For the Hood’ as a reminder to myself who I am doing it for and to the community I’m looking to impact,” Cauley said.

Antoinette Cauley, Fine Artist

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