The Historical League names this year’s ‘Historymakers’

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The Historical League has named this year’s Historymakers: men and women who have distinguished themselves with achievements in the arts, athletics, communications, community service, education and entertainment, and who have maintained their ties to Arizona.

What is The Historical League?

“It’s an all-volunteer organization that started about 45 years ago. We started the Historymakers programming in 1992. About every other year, we honor a group of outstanding Arizonans who’ve made major contributions to our state,” said Diana Smith of the Historical League.

The people who are honored are alive and can be of any age. Nominations are submitted by the Historical League and the Historical Society.

Carey Pena of Inspired Media 360 interviewed the 2023 recipients and talked to them about their heart and what really drives them to do what they do. These people strive for excellence, according to Pena.

“It was tremendous to be able to sit down and share time with all of them,” Pena said.

The Historical League opened its 2023 Arizona Historymakers exhibit Oct. 14 at the Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park. Those honored this year include:

  • Frank M. Barrios: Water conservation policymaker and master storyteller focused on the contributions of Mexican American communities in Phoenix
  • Michael M. Crow, Ph.D.: Educator and innovator, ASU President
  • Angel Delgadillo: “The Father of the Mother Road” and advocate for the preservation of Historic U.S. Route 66
  • Dolan Ellis: Arizona’s Official State Balladeer since 1966, composer of over 300 songs about Arizona
  • Hon. Terry Goddard: Historic preservationist, public servant and activist for transparent government
  • Denise D. Resnik: Brought significant change to the treatment of autism
  • Jeffrey M. Trent, Ph.D.: Founding President and Research Director of TGen
  • Daniel D. Von Hoff, M.D.: Founding Physician-in-Chief of TGen, cancer researcher
  • Mrs. Elizabeth J. White: Entrepreneur and restaurateur, “The Golden Rule”

Diana Smith, Arizona Historymakers
Carey Peña, Inspired Media 360

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