DeSantis drops out of the presidential race

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Governor Ron DeSantis has dropped out of the presidential race, giving former President Donald Trump a bigger opening to secure the GOP nomination. But will DeSantis’ supporters vote for Trump if he is named the nominee? Chuck Coughlin, President of HighGround Inc., joined Arizona Horizon to explain.

“What he (DeSantis) tried to do was his best imitation of a Trump candidacy without the sparkle and noise of a Trump candidacy,” said Coughlin.

According to Coughlin, this was evident through DeSantis’ signing off on a tax relief plan in Florida and anti-abortion views.

The two-person race

Nikki Haley is holding her ground and continuing to go up against Trump in the New Hampshire primary, with the next obstacle being South Carolina.

“New Hampshire is a better state for a candidate like Haley to compete in. New Hampshire has always been perceived as a more populist state, more fiscally conservative state, more New England conservative,” said Coughlin.

Chuck Coughlin, President, HighGround, Inc.

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