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HORIZONTE takes you inside the Pineda Covalin store. The unique designs of their products are inspired by ancient Mexican culture and themes drawn from its rich history.

Jose Cardenas:
Mexico is full of culture and tradition. Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez shows us how one country is turning the art of Mexican culture into fashion and style.

Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez:
Purses, dresses, shoes, and men's ties, all are part of fashionable attires. What makes each of these items unique is their story. The stories seen in colors, prints, and designs. This is the collection of Pineda Covalin; a fashion line expired by the culture, art, and tradition of Mexico.

Silvia Sayers:
It goes from famous Mexican painters, all the way to beaded art, which is one of the ethnical any call surviving groups still in Mexico. It's very rich in color, the texture is phenomenal. It's silk. There is a whole bunch involved in every painting or drawing or detail they do.

Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez:
The Pineda Covalin necktie and scarf collection have become their trademark. They are inspired by the art of Mexican artists like Frida Carlo and Diego Rivera. The patterns and designs are inspired by Mexico's indigenous people.

Silvia Sayers:
Behind every woman, there's going to be another guy that is going to love it too. So the main point is the designers wanted to keep the traditional -- the luxurious look that a tie gives to a person.

Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez:
Pineda Covalin was founded in 1996 by Christina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin. University of Mexico graduates and friends who threw their work at a social service project developed a way to express their love of art and heritage through fashion.

Silvia Sayers:
They were commissioned by the museum of anthropology. To start with this project, the first one generates employment for artisan and people that were unemployed for a long time. And the second one to open a new vision of Mexico and other people around the world.

Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez:
When someone comes into each boutique they are not only introduced to the product, but to the message and history behind each style.

Silvia Sayers:
They get drawn by the colors, and once we find out their favorite color, we V. here. We have this floral print that means a festival that we have in Mexico every year, or have you this one with birds that represent paintings, handmade in recycled paper by the Pacific coast.

Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez:
Pineda Covalin galleries around the world, including Italy, Japan, France, Portugal, as well as Florida, Texas, and several locations throughout Mexico, and in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Silvia Sayers:Pineda Covalin necktie and scarf collections;

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