Arizona PBS launches new, user-friendly website as part of “Your Arizona Connection Starts Here” campaign

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Arizona PBS has launched a new, redesigned website that aims to connect viewers with important resources and information and offer top-quality, entertaining content for all ages. 

The redesigned website launches the start of “Your Arizona Connection Starts Here” Arizona PBS brand elevation campaign. A multi-platform effort that aims to grow and diversify the Arizona PBS audience, this campaign will update members, viewers and partners on the station’s new vision and direction, and educate Arizonans on the many resources the station provides. 

“In today’s ever-changing media landscape, public media stations must continue to invest in their digital assets to remain competitive and to ensure that all citizens are able to access content,” said Arizona PBS General Manager Adrienne R. Fairwell. “Not only is the revamped more graphically appealing and user-friendly, it’s more adaptable, which will allow us to more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our audience.” 

A key component of the “Your Arizona Starts Here” launch is an integrated marketing campaign including billboards around metro Phoenix and digital advertisements across various platforms from Flagstaff to Yuma. Friends and supporters of Arizona PBS are asked to join the celebration of the last 61 years of KAET and the next chapter which embraces technology, diversity and innovation in broadcasting.

The campaign also will encourage viewers and friends of Arizona PBS to share their own unique connections to the station across various engagement platforms. These initiatives align with the station’s three-year strategic plan, which highlights how the station will strengthen its relationship with the community and solidify its position in the Arizona market.

“This is a very exciting milestone for Arizona PBS. The campaign and website fall right in line with our strategic plan categories, which call for providing easy access to programming and building a campaign to spread awareness,” Fairwell said. 

From a visual standpoint, the relaunched site features a darker background, brighter accents and streamlined navigation tools, putting a greater focus on Arizona PBS content and making the site easier to use. From local favorites, such as “Check, Please! Arizona” and “Art in the 48” to national hits, like “Finding Your Roots” and “American Experience,” content is easier to find and enjoy.

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