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Celebrate Diversity Month

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In 2004 Celebrate Diversity Month was established in the month of April to honor and recognize the differences that create the essence of humanity. This week on Take Note, we get to explore the differences in music that are represented around the world.

In this episode you will hear a glimpse of the sounds of Eastern classical music and learn about the erhu, the mbira, the sitar, and the oud.

Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto in D, Cadenza
Tartini – Concerto in A Minor, D 67 – III. Allegro
Gan Guo – Zhong Guo Jie
Helene Muddiman – World Festival
Altug Oncu – Ottoman Gentleman
Omnimusic – World Tech
Daniel Phillip Eppel, Barry Brandt Van Zyl, and Dizu Plaatjies – Mbira Melody A
Yasotha Somasundram – Sitar Ecstasy
Lekha Rathnakumar - Marathi

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