Einstein’s theory of relativity comes alive in ‘Light Falls’

Take a theatrical journey with physicist Brian Greene to uncover how Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity in “Light Falls,” airing Wednesday, May 29, at 9 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

In this vivid play, science is illuminated on stage and screen through innovative projections and an original musical score. On the 100th anniversary of the confirmation of Einstein’s most important breakthrough, this play explores how Einstein discovered his far-reaching theory.

WATCH: “Light Falls”

The play weaves together Einstein’s brilliant insights, near-misses and final triumph, which revolutionized human understanding of space and time. To showcase Einstein’s work, Greene intermingles the story with key historical characters and celebrated figures such as Isaac Newton, David Hilbert and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jerome Weidman.

The play also incorporates language from Einstein’s archives including research papers, autobiographical accounts and historical documents. The story follows Einstein’s early fascination with the workings of a compass through his unrelenting odyssey to understand the force of gravity, and his passionate and ultimately tragic pursuit of a unified theory.

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