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Arizona PBS celebrates Black History Month 2022

Preview the programs Arizona PBS is running this February in celebration of Black History Month. Historical documentaries, award presentations, in-depth interviews and more are airing in the coming weeks.

In Their Own Words: Chuck Berry

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Take a riveting ride on the Chuck Berry train exploring the life, the legend, the music and the man who is regularly credited as the father of rock and roll.

Boss: The Black Experience in Business

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Learn about the untold story of African American entrepreneurship, where skill, industriousness, ingenuity and sheer courage in the face of overwhelming odds provide the backbone of this nation’s economic and social growth.

Muhammad Ali

Fridays at 8 p.m.
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“Muhammad Ali” brings to life one of the most indelible figures of the 20th century, a three-time heavyweight boxing champion who captivated millions of fans across the world with his mesmerizing combination of speed, grace, and power in the ring, and charm and playful boasting outside of it. Ali insisted on being himself unconditionally and became a global icon and inspiration to people everywhere.

American Experience “Riveted: The History of Jeans”

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Discover the fascinating story of this iconic American garment. From their roots in slavery to the Wild West, hippies, high fashion and hip-hop, jeans are the fabric on which the history of American ideology and politics is writ large.

Independent Lens “Owned: A Tale of Two Americas”

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Is the “American Dream” of home ownership a false promise? While the government’s postwar housing policy created the world’s largest middle class, it also set America on two divergent paths – one of perceived wealth and the other of systematically defunded, segregated communities.

American Masters “Marian Anderson: The Whole World in Her Hands”

Watch online or on the PBS Video app.

Marian Anderson’s singing and speaking voice are heard throughout the documentary, providing a new understanding of the woman behind the music. Explore the life and legacy of who became an icon for the civil rights movement.

MORE: American Experience: Voice of Freedom explores Anderson’s iconic performance in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

American Reframed “Fannie Lou Hamer’s America”

Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 8 p.m.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America is a portrait of a civil rights activist and the injustices in America that made her work essential. Through public speeches, personal interviews, and powerful songs.

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Just a Mortal Man: The Jerry Lawson Story

Watch online or on the PBS Video app.

Jerry Lawson was the original lead singer of the legendary a cappella group The Persuasions, first discovered by Frank Zappa in the early ’70s. During his 40-year tenure with the group, Jerry recorded 24 albums, toured internationally and sang alongside Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell, among others.

Beyond the Canvas Making the Moment

Watch online or on the PBS Video app.

What does it mean to deliver “a message with the music”? Sit down with Black musicians who bridge story and sound. In this episode of “Beyond the CANVAS,” the musical ensemble Ranky Tanky, singer Rhiannon Giddens and others share their belief in the power of music to honor the past and inspire the future.

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