It’s the Summer of Mystery!

Sunday, July 14 at 9 p.m.

Experience an enthralling summer of suspense on Arizona PBS and on Passport! This week you can watch brand new episodes of your favorite mystery shows, including a new episode of D.I. Ray!

Get ready for captivating enigmas and thrilling adventures this Summer of Mystery. But wait! There’s more intrigue coming your way….

Collage of summer mystery shows

Our website scavenger hunt is on! Get started by searching for four tantalizing clues hidden on the website right now.

Six clue questions in total will be hidden here on our website, one each week. Clue 5 will go live July 14 and Clue 6 on July 21. Apply your skills at sleuthing, and uncover the clues before the hunt wraps up on Sunday, July 28.

Search for the clues, submit your answers and, if you answer all six correctly, you could win a Summer of Mystery gift box or other prizes. Good luck!

D.I. Ray “Staying on Top”

Sunday, July 14 at 9 p.m.

As she treads dangerously close to the truth, D.I. Ray becomes the target of a vicious threat. Mounting dissent from the public adds pressure to name a triple homicide suspect, and Rachita comes under fire for her role in a fatal shooting.

Learn more about “Grantchester” and “Professor T” by visiting the PBS app.

Former President Donald Trump
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First to Metal: An Origin Story

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