The pandemic prompted adaptation for theater company Childsplay

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We check back in with former guest, Childsplay. Founded in 1977, Childsplay is a nationally and internationally respected professional theatre company whose chosen audience is children. Childsplay believes young people deserve to experience challenging, thought-provoking theatre of the highest artistic quality.

Every year, the adult actors produce new and innovative work that is performed at Childsplay’s Tempe campus or in schools across Arizona. Childsplay also offers art education resources to schools so children are exposed to the benefits of art. During the pandemic, Childsplay has offered virtual classes and also a chance to see some of their plays virtually.

Childsplay had to quickly adapt to life during a pandemic. Offices were closed, actors under contract had to be let go, and current projects were stopped. The company used their creativity to switch online and offer their resources digitally.

“We know what we do helps kids. We know that all of us as human beings need art.”

Dwayne Hartford

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