AZ Votes Debate: Republican candidates for Congressional District 1 | May 21, 2024

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Ted Simons, host and managing editor of “Arizona Horizon” welcomed two Republican Candidates for Congressional District 1 to debate current political issues in the state. 

The debate included Robert Backie, a local businessman, and Kim George, a retired FBI Special Agent. 

The two candidates are currently running against Republican incumbent David Schweikert. 

Congressional District 1 includes Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills and different parts of Phoenix. 

A variety of topics were discussed by the candidates in the debate including the economy, inflation, abortion and the rise of undocumented immigrants crossing the border.  

“Voters in this district want transparency; they want truth, and they want us to follow the rule of law,” said George. 

Backie added two more issues to the list: inflation and ending up with debt in the state’s budget each year. 

“If we are going to get inflation under control, we need to quit spending money,” Backie said. “We need to quit printing money, with $2 to $3 trillion in debt every year. We are at $35 trillion in debt in this country. That money was made, it was created out of the blue, and that causes inflation. And it impacts everyone in their daily life.”

Abortion was a prominent topic during the debate with each of the candidates discussing the recently revoked 1864 near-total abortion ban in Arizona

“I’m 100% pro life,” George said. “In Congress, my job will be two things: number one will be to fight for harsher punishments for individuals that think that they can do this to women and young girls.”

Backie and George both agree that abortion is a state’s rights issue. 

The debate also highlighted the issue of immigrants crossing the border.  

“We need to close down the border,” Backie said. “We also need to fix the immigration system. We require those that want to file asylum to do it in their home country or in a safe country next door.”  

Kim George (R), retired FBI Special Agent
Robert Backie (R), local businessman

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