The crucial role of older Arizonans in the upcoming election

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First Lady Jill Biden is visiting the Valley this weekend to rally senior support for President Joe Biden’s re-election. Dr. Biden will address key issues such as drug pricing and inflation, particularly relevant to seniors. A new AARP Arizona survey highlighted the significant influence older Arizonans will have in the next election.

Wes Gullett, partner at Nexus Strategy Group, joined “Arizona Horizon” to provide deeper insights into why seniors in Arizona are a vital demographic in the upcoming vote and how their participation could shape the election outcome.

“We have a huge impact because we go to the polls. And we vote, older people vote. 55+, they turn out 100%,” Gullett said.

Gullett explained the AARP poll protecting social security was the number one issue for older Arizonans in the poll, which he found particularly interesting. The poll also highlighted important issues for older Arizonans, including protecting Medicare and helping seniors stay in their homes as they age.

“Those are core democratic issues, but older people tend to be more conservative,” Gullett said. “They’re concerned about their retirement, they’re concerned about their 401Ks, and as we’ve transitioned from a pattern of pension-supported elderly population to now more social security supported, I think it’ll level out. The poll was a little skewed, I think, to the right.”

Gullett said the most important thing is that everyone gets out to vote.

“This is the one time you’ve got to go vote,” Gullett said. “Your Horizon crowd votes; they’re excellent voters, 100%. But they need to tell their neighbors too, especially their children and their grandchildren.”

Wes Gullett, Partner at Nexus Strategy Group

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