Josephine’s: A modern American bistro

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Located just blocks from historic downtown Flagstaff, Josephine’s Modern American Bistro offers a unique Arizona fine dining experience. When locals want to dine out for a special occasion, this is where they go.  

Chef Tony Cosentino frequently updates the menu to showcase the best produce and seafood the season has to offer. The menu features a wide selection of American fare and is named for the owner’s mother.

“I never wanted to have a stuffy restaurant,” Chef Cosentino said. “I want people to come here, be able to sit back and relax and feel like they can just casually have a good time.” 

The most popular dishes at Josephine’s are the Diablo Shrimp, the Mac and Cheese, and the Chicken Saltimbocca. 

Guest Rhonda Mathis suggested Josephine’s as her top pick. She orders the French onion braised short ribs and also Swiss cheese risotto in a sherry wine caramelized onion sauce.

Mathis describes the meat as rich and delicious, and adds it’s “just so tender and juicy, and the sauce… it’s just really delicious.”

Guest Ara Lynn Nowack orders the baklava baked brie. “The best part is this orange honey that’s drizzled on top,” Nowack said. 

For dessert, Mathis indulges in the vanilla bean crème brûlée, calling it “simply stunning.”

Guest Wayne Ranney finishes his dinner with the Zeppoles dessert, describing it as “unbelievable.” He explains the donut-style balls are “filled with ricotta cheese and drizzled with vanilla sauce.” 

All of the guests enjoy the restaurant’s romantic atmosphere and suggest it as an ideal date night spot.

Restaurant address: 503 N Humphreys Street, Flagstaff, AZ

Phone number: 928-779-3400


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