Proper Meats + Provisions: A sandwich shop that’s also a butchery

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Proper Meats + Provisions is a first-of-its-kind boutique butcher shop featuring hand cut, Arizona-raised meats. Located on historic Route 66, the deli side of the business features a sandwich menu of 15 to 20 different sandwiches, all made from scratch in-house.

Owned by Paul Moir, Proper Meats only uses Arizona-sourced meats on the menu. The butcher everything in-house and make all of their meats including brisket, pastrami, turkey and sausage. Sides of beef and pork are wheeled in on racks through the front door, and customers have a full view of the meat being carved into chops, loins, steaks, filets and more. 

“We focus on locally-sourced meats and products from around Arizona and the region,” Moir said. “We produce all of our own pastrami, roast beef, bacon and all the ingredients for the sandwiches here.” 

The “provisions” part of their name includes specialty items like Arizona-made pasta, house-made pot pies and tomato sauce so you can take it all home to make dinner.

Guest Ara Lynn Nowack suggested Proper Meats as her top pick. Proper Meats is the one restaurant she frequents all the time for lunch. “I like that there’s never a wait, and it’s a great place to go after work.” she said. 

“The French Dip is just fantastic,” Nowack said. “It’s very tender roast beef, and it has the best bread, and I just love the au jus sauce.” 

Guest Rhonda Mathis orders the Muffuletta Sandwich. “It comes on focaccia bread that was just light and airy,” she said. “It has three different meats on it: mortadella, capocollo and salami.”

For the grand finale, guest Wayne Ranney orders the Reuben. Ranney’s remarks could be wrapped up in one word: “Delicious.”

Keep in mind the sandwiches are huge. They also have a specialty soda fountain tap where you can pick traditional items like cola or something a little different like root beer and cream soda.

Restaurant address: 110 E. Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ

Phone number: 928-774-9001


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