Spiga Cucina Italiana: Italian with a Mediterranean twist

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Serving up modern Italian cuisine, Spiga Cucina Italiana is designed to give you that Tuscan trattoria feel.

Operated by a husband and wife, Spiga focuses on Italian food with a Mediterranean flavor profile. They serve a lot of seafood and pasta dishes, and they also have an extensive wine list with close to a thousand bottles in house.

Spiga’s atmosphere is slightly upscale, and they have a generous outdoor patio that’s cool during the summer and warm in the winter. While it’s a great spot for a date night, it’s also a fun, family spot.

According to Daniel Weathers, Manager of Spiga Cucina Italiana, they have a pretty balanced palate as far as Mediterranean or Italian influences. “We do take a lot of pride in our seafood,” Weathers said. “We take an extra step to make sure that every day we are getting the very freshest of offerings.”

“Check, Please! Arizona” guest Jennifer Maggiore loves dining at Spiga. She orders the burrata and prosciutto to start. “Very good, nice and creamy,” Maggiore said.

For dinner, Maggiore and her husband share the grilled seafood. It comes out on a board with big piles of vegetables and different types of grilled seafood. 

Guest Lauren Etchart orders the bucatini, which is a thicker type of spaghetti. “It was excellent,” Etchart said. “It comes with a red sauce which I always love.”

Guest Jowan Thornton recommends the bolognese connoisseur, which is his favorite. “This was one of the top that I have ever had,” Thornton said. “The sauce was amazing, it had the right texture, and even the pasta seemed to be homemade.”

Post pasta, try the crème brûlée, limoncello or tiramisu, all timeless favorites.

Restaurant address: 7500 E Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Phone number: 480-513-9000

Website: spigaaz.com

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