Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company: Crafting sustainability and flavorful brews

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Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company isn’t just a brewery; it’s a water-saving, locally sourced culinary haven. With a commitment to sustainability, owner Jonathan Buford and his team have converted an alfalfa farm to malt, saving 100 million gallons of water annually by avoiding drawing from the Verde Valley River.

Their dedication extends to the menu, where signature items like the PB&J burger shine. Crafted with an Arizona grass-fed patty, house-made peanut butter, jalapeno jam, and bacon on a Noble Bread bun, it’s a flavor journey beyond typical brew pub fare. The menu also features a vegan section, with plant-based patty substitutions available for all burgers and chicken sandwiches. Even non-alcoholic beer finds a place in their diverse beverage offerings.

Stacy Hettmansperger, a guest on “Check, Please! Arizona,” praised the PB&J burger, noting its homemade taste and delightful combination of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness. She started her meal with duck fat fries, describing them as perfectly cooked and seasoned with fresh thyme and rosemary.

Another guest, Pedro Sanchez, declared the Downtown Burger as the best he has ever had. His sentiment captures the essence of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company’s commitment to exceptional flavors and quality.

Buford proudly shares that they offer 15 to 30 beers every day at both their Gilbert and Downtown Phoenix locations.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company not only quenches your thirst but also offers a sustainable and delectable culinary experience that goes beyond the typical brewpub offerings.

Restaurant address: 721 N. Arizona Ave, Gilbert, AZ

Phone number: (480) 497-2739


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