Nana’s Kitchen: Vegan soul food delights with authentic flavors

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Explore Nana’s Kitchen, where vegan soul food takes center stage. Rob and Nequa Matthew, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, channel their shared passion for soul food into a unique and delectable menu. From ribs and mac-n-cheese to fried chicken and catfish, their offerings are a celebration of flavor. Don’t miss the Hood rolls: mac-n-cheese, collard greens, and yams folded into an egg roll wrapper.

Named in honor of Nequa’s beloved grandmother, who inspired her culinary journey, Nana’s Kitchen is a family affair. Nequa’s grandmother, Nana, even lends a hand in the kitchen. Nequa and Rob, high school sweethearts, have shared a culinary journey since their youth.

What sets Nana’s Kitchen apart? According to Matthew, it’s the vegan ribs, their standout dish that has patrons coming back for more.

On “Check, Please! Arizona,” guest Bill Kunz savors the plant-based burger, noting its impressive texture and the authentic feel of vegan cheese, resembling good old American cheese. Meanwhile, guest Allison Cuoco savors the flavors of Nana’s Soul, saying “it had a lot of flavor to it.” Cuoco also highlights the tempting Philly cheesesteaks on the menu. Cuoco’s pro tip is to do a little research and menu reading to enhance the dining experience.

Discover Nana’s Kitchen, where Rob and Nequa Matthew infuse their vegan creations with love and flavor, earning accolades not just as a great vegan food spot but also as simply delicious dishes.

Restaurant address: 777 N Arizona Ave Chandler, Phoenix, AZ


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