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Los Angeles is making an aggressive bid to host the Olympics in 2024. The city’s delegation was in Rio to make their pitch.

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TED: Los Angeles is making an aggressive bid to host the 2024 Olympics as producer Tyler Finger reports a city's delegation told Olympic press in Rio they are up to the challenge.

REPORTER: Imagine the Los Angeles coliseum once again bathed in light hosting its third Olympic game since 1932. A team from Southern California is in Rio de Janeiro to make the dream a reality in 2024.

NADIA COMANECI: We want to see the entire world coming to L.A. in 2024.

REPORTER: But Olympic superstar Nadia Comaneci and other members of the L.A. delegation know it isn't simple. First a two year bid process then if awarded the games, seven years of preparation. The L.A. bid committee is in Rio de Janeiro to learn about hosting one of the world's biggest events.

CASEY WASSERMAN: Seeing an event of this magnitude and this complexity for this many days is truly unique in the world of both sports and live entertainment. Sometimes there are big events that happen once, one day. This is 17 days, this is a Super Bowl every day for 17 days.

REPORTER: Hosting the Olympics bring significant cost and responsibility. In Rio officials have been criticized for the billions needed to cover security, transportation and new facilities. It all sounded simple years ago when Brazil's economy was strong and there were no signs of political turmoil or the Zika virus. Still officials here insist the gains bring value to the country and host city.

VINICIUS LUMMERTZ: You have seen investment in Rio you would not see in the next 20 years caused by this organization of the games.

REPORTER: The games are expected to bring half a million people to Brazil for this. The first summer Olympics in South America. Around five million tickets have already been sold bringing in more than $300 million in revenue. But many seats still sit empty.

VINICIUS LUMMERTZ: I think it is important for the country itself, for our confidence. This is a developing country and the first time it happens in South America and Rio has gained a lot and I think tourism has earned a lot as well.

REPORTER: Los Angeles officials insist they are better positioned to host the games in Rio or any other 2024 competitors because greater L.A. already has many venues in place. As much as 97% of what would be needed.

CASEY WASSERMAN: We have such an incredible foundation of infrastructure, housing, and facilities. We can spend seven years worrying about delivery.

REPORTER: Instead the focus has been on improving the athletes' experience. Over the last several weeks they have held town hall meetings to find out what competitors have liked and didn't like about previous Olympics.

JANET EVANS: We are garnering their input and support and understanding what they would see and loved to see change in the game, what they loved about their games, and bringing that all home to Los Angeles and putting that in our big plan.

REPORTER: Americans walking the streets of Rio like the idea of the summer Olympics returning to the United States for the first time since 1996.

KATHLEEN HORGEN: It would be great. I would love to see the diversity and see it come it the United States.

COOPER MERRILL: We haven't had a game for so long. I think it would be special.

REPORTER: And while the decision is more than a year away they are quick to imagine an Olympic return to southern California.

DREW FRANK: America's definitely changing. I would DEFINITELY want to incorporate the Hollywood aspect of things.

JIM PURTELL: I would hope they would take all of the flavors we have in our country and combine them.

REPORTER: The city is expected to release more specifics about paying for the games in October during the next phase of the bidding process. Los Angeles hopes to not only win the bid to host the 2024 Olympics, they are hoping to make the experience better for everyone involved.

TED: That's it for now. You have a great evening.

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