Calls for Arizona’s ban on evictions to be extended

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Thousands of Arizona renters face potential eviction in the coming weeks as the governor’s “moratorium” on evictions expires on July 22. We spoke with Arizona Republic real estate reporter, Catherine Reagor about calls for that moratorium to be extended.

According to the UArizona College of Law, as many as 500,000 could face eviction in the state by September if the moratorium is not extended.

Gov. Ducey’s 120-day order which is set expire on July 22 was supposed to ensure people wouldn’t lose their homes if they got COVID-19 or lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Many cities and counties have CARES Act funding that is being put towards eviction, health, and homeless. But that itself is supposed to expire by the end of the year. Additionally, the Arizona Housing Fund has set aside 5 million dollars to help those facing eviction. But only 3 million has been spent due to slow processes. Reagor says these funds are essential and that such funds take time to disperse.

Housing advocates are calling for the moratorium to be extended to the end of the year. The extension would create more time for funds to be given out to those who need it. It also would give renters more time to pay rent.

Reagor says right now home sales are back up and apartments have seen some dips in renters.








Catherine Reagor, Arizona Republic

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