The effort to legalize sports wagering in Arizona

In a legislative update, we talked with Rep. Reginald Bolding, (D) State House Minority Leader of District 27.

We discussed legalizing sports wagering in Arizona. Bolding said it is a great opportunity to support the native communities and make sure the state has an opportunity to receive revenues.

He said this new gaming compact will provide many different opportunities for people throughout the state.

Bolding said one of the major constituent groups for the democratic caucus is the federally recognized tribes. He explained for them it was about supporting a constituency that they know depends on gaming to support the functions of their tribe.

He said from a democratic standpoint, they have some things they would’ve liked to change, like not just sports teams receiving these licenses. He said there is a lot of great other components they believe will be good for the state and the tribal nations.

Bolding said the current legislation said there will be 20 licenses; 10 to tribal nations and 10 to non-tribal. Bolding believes that it should’ve been opened up to some more people but ultimately thinks this is a good thing.

We also talk about the ban on outside election funding. The governor recently signed this. Bolding responded to this by saying that the biggest issue right now is that the state legislature has failed to support counties. He said they have failed to give them the resources that they need to run elections.

He said this makes county recorders have to seek outside grants from foundations who want to provide an “opportunity to support democracy.” The state is failing to function, so they are finding themselves in that position, he said.

Republicans are saying that there are too many questions right now about where or how that money could be used. Bolding thinks they do not have a point.

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Rep. Reginald Bolding, (D) State House Minority Leader of District 27

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