Navajo Nation’s current COVID situation

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We talked with Jonathan Nez, the Navajo Nation President. He gave us an update on the pandemic situation and the vaccine rollout. We also discussed travel and tourism on the reservation, the emissions-free solar energy project, Bears Ears National Monument U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland visit, and more! 

Nez said they will be visiting the governor. They will be discussing sports betting. He also said that they have been working for a long time to figure it all out. There will be more information on this when things develop. 

We discussed the Covid cases on the reservation. Nez said they have been seeing a downward trend since the holidays. He said there was a spike of cases around New Year’s and Christmas, but they are seeing fewer cases now.

He commended the Navajo people for following all the protocols that have been put in place. He believes the success they’ve been having is all due to the hard work of their healthcare professionals, first responders, and their protocols. He said this includes their mask mandate, social distancing, washing your hands, and the vaccine rollout. 

He said 246,000+ doses have come to the Navajo Nation. He said over 210,000 have been “put into the arms of“ the Navajo citizens. He said that is 86.5% of what they have received that have been administered. Nez also went over some other statistics that show positive progress for the coronavirus in the Navajo Nation. 

Lastly, we discussed the solar energy project. We talked about what it involves and what it means to the nation. Some of the coal mines were shut down, but he said this has created some opportunity with solar energy. 

This project will help with delivering clean energy to the state of Arizona, possibly parts of California, and Southern Utah! Nez said it will also help deliver electricity to their people. He said he looks forward to the project and providing clean energy to the South West.

President Jonathan Nez

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