More people are leaving their 9-5 jobs for freelance work

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Full-time workers are increasingly ditching their 9-to-5 jobs for a freelance lifestyle. A recent gallup poll found that 10-million Americans are seriously considering such a change. We talked about it with Wayne Goshkarian, with the Association of Entrepreneurship USA.

As the world shut down from the COVID-19 pandemic, more people lost their jobs and had to stay home. This caused many to reflect on where they are and where they want to be within their career. Goshkarian said we’ve gone through many life changes than we normally would in a typical scenario.

Flexibility has become a key component for people throughout this pandemic. Goshkarian mentioned that when people were working from home, they weren’t dealing with traffic and they were able to spend more time at home with their families.

This has caused a mindset change for people to figure out exactly where they want to be. He said that this type of lifestyle was likely to happen even if there wasn’t a pandemic, but it wouldn’t have happened this quickly.

Another big component thats shifted the way people look at their jobs is the creation of the internet. The internet has given great access for businesses to open and its made people want to be their own entrepreneurs.

He stands by his belief that the pandemic pushed this change in lifestyle much faster than it would have happened before.

Wayne Goshkarian, Director of Communication, Association of Entrepreneurship USA

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