Maricopa County Recorder writes a letter to fellow Republicans stating the election was “not” stolen

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Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer recently wrote a letter to his fellow Republicans in which he detailed why he believes that the 2020 Presidential Election was “not” stolen, despite what Donald Trump wants Republicans to believe. We spoke to Stephen Richer earlier.

Richer wrote this letter to Republicans to detail the entirety of the Maricopa County audit and the information they’ve found. And also “it hopefully spells out the case that I’m not the enemy,” Richer said.

He said he lays out the fact that he campaigned for Donald Trump and that he’s a fair and trusted broker within this whole process. As much as he, himself, wanted Trump to win the election, he knows that the votes are not there to confirm that Trump won or that the election was “stolen”.

Although Trump has still not conceited the election, Richer feels that “it’s certainly been discomforting the way he’s reacted to this but I did support much of what the Trump administration tried to achieve.”

The results and reaction don’t change the way Richer feels about his party and the former President. He said that his letter has helped clarify things for other Republicans and he wants to be a “trusted Republican source”.

“I’m not here to say you’re an idiot, I’m here to offer you facts and I believe that if you believe in facts and logic, then you have to accept that the 2020 election was valid,” Richer said.

He doesn’t think that the average Republican would respond to the audit with aggression, “I believe that the average person approaches this civilly.”

And a breakdown of the actual audit, the idea to bring in “cyber ninjas” as the group who went through the votes did not make sense to Richer. Although he’s not against the idea of an audit, he doesn’t think they are experienced in any way to do this.

Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder

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