The Phoenix Boys Choir are performing their annual holiday shows

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It’s that time of year for Christmas performances from the Phoenix Boys Choir. The Artistic Director of the Phoenix Boys Choir is Herbert Washington, and he spoke with us about the choir and its holiday concert schedule.

The holiday concerts are underway, “we have already started. This is our third one underway, December 12th. We just finished two, completed successfully, two holiday concerts. We have three more to go, the 12th, 18th and 19th of December,” Washington said.

Every year for the Phoenix Boys Choir, it is the “highlight of the season” where there are alumni who come back and people around the globe who attend these performances.

But December 18th will actually feature alumni among the choir and there is a reception where, “it’s good to see your brothers again,” Washington said.

The pandemic has had an effect on the ways the choir performs, “however, we’ve never closed our doors to rehearsing. So, we switched automatically to zoom calls and had this wonderful educational program of engaging students online,” Washington said.

Washington noted that he is, “a stickler for ‘we still…have to continue moving in this world’ and so we learned all of our music virtually online and then they would come in individually to our studio space in the building and I would record them individually and put that oral together and we produced four virtual videos throughout the season.”

He mentioned how innovative they were during this time. One thing they created was the ability to do a drive in performance where each boy had their own mic and would sing from the car together.

Washington conducted these performances in the front within a parking lot, it was called the “parking lot choir.”

To learn more about the choir and their upcoming performances you can visit their website “

Herbert Washington, Artistic Director, Phoenix Boys Choir

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