Local artist and MCA curator highlight summer exhibitions

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The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum features smaller-scale exhibits throughout the summer, with some of those exhibits featuring local artists, many of whom have ties to the Hispanic community. Here to tell us more is the museum’s chief curator Tiffany Fairall and local artist Monica Aissa Martinez.

“We focus on different issues, dealing with today’s times, and local artists are a big centerpiece of our showcase and exhibition schedule.”

Fairall noted that the museum also offers studio classes at the Mesa Arts Center, as well as lecture series and workshops.

Martinez described how her work depicts life and living organisms, as well as her journey into the subject.

“I was a yogi and a runner, so I’m aware of the body, and one day I just decided to start working on the body, and anatomy came into it, but quite by accident, and then I was fascinated, and I’m still doing this, ten years later.”

“I’m mapping the body. I’m moving in it, moving out of it, taking it apart and putting it back together.”

Was there an “a-ha” moment during a particular piece of work?

Martinez: “It changed everything for me, it re-directed me.”

While Martinez is featured, many other local artists are in the spotlight as well during the summer exhibitions. Fairall described what the museum looks for when choosing an artist to feature. The museum runs a proposal process where artists can pitch exhibitions to the museum. Local and national artists can submit a proposal. Fairall mentioned that Martinez was a proposal winner.

“There’s a variety of things we’re looking for. Quality, of course, is a big thing, how the artist works with the medium. What are the commentaries? Are they socially relevant? Do they pertain to what’s going on and happening today?”

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