Naturopathic physician gives tips on reducing allergy symptoms

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Allergy season is here, and that means lots of sneezing, red eyes and more. For a look at natural remedies to tackle allergies, we welcomed Loreena Ryder from the Naturopathic Physicians Group.

Common symptoms mimicking a cold sometimes are not the only indicators of allergy season. According to Ryder, other symptoms can include GI issues like gas and bloating, as well as general systemic symptoms.

Allergies occur as an immune response to an allergen the body deems a threat.

Ryder: “When you breathe in a pollen, or many pollen, your body says ‘okay, this is a foreign object. I need to get it out.’ So that’s when you sneeze, you cough, water starts to come out of your eyes and nose, your body is trying to rid itself of that allergen because it’s a foreign body.”

Are there natural ways to mitigate some of the discomfort? 

Ryder: “One of the quickest ways would be using a neti pot or a nasal rinse with just some saline solution. But I like to hit it systemically to have a more effective treatment. You can look at food sensitivity testing to see what’s causing inflammation systemically. Also, you can do some nutrient I.V. therapy to replace any depletion your body might have of vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.”

Ryder also recommended air filters indoors to combat allergens, including filters in cars.

“It’s tough. If you really need to, go grab an anti-histamine or over-the-counter. Benadryl works great, but it will probably make you sleepy, but you can definitely do over-the-counter medication. I would say stock up on your vitamin C, eat fruits and vegetables, you know, get those bioflavinoids going, and have some pineapple on board. Drink plenty of water, have a neti pot at home.”


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