CALA Alliance supports artist residency exchange program with Guadalajara

CALA Alliance bridges the gap between Arizona and Guadalajara artists, offering them an all-expenses-paid artists’ residency exchange program.

Casandra Hernandez Faham helps run CALA Alliance, which launched last year. She describes it as a collaboration between CALA, ASU Art Museum and a Guadalajara organization. The residency exchange program lasts six weeks, and the goal is to support Latino artists.

The art project taking place at ASU Art Museum this year is called Interspecifics. Paloma Lopez, one of the artists on the project, describes it as an “immersive art installation that the audience can experience.” They use live bacteria that can create intricate and colorful designs.

“They’re working with professors in the biodesign institute,” Hernandez Faham says. “They’re also creating tools and microscopes. They’ll also be offering programs free to the public to explain what they have been working on.”

Interspecifics has been a work in progress for the last five years, says artist Leslie Garcia. Garcia is the current exchange artist in residence. She says the project combines art, science and technology.

“Every artist has a little bit of science in them, and every scientist has a little bit of art in them,” Garcia says.

Interspecifics is available to the public for free at the ASU Art Museum now through May 6. For more information on CALA, visit

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