An organization, CALA Alliance, is hosting “Crossfade LAB”

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An event today hosted by the Latino Arts Organization “CALA Alliance” looks to connect artists from Arizona, Mexico and Latin America. This specific event involves conversations with the artists about their experiences. For more, Horizonte host, Jose Cardenas, spoke with musical artist, San Cha.

San Cha shares her opinion on the work of a fellow artist, Teresita Fernández,  “it impacts me in that she is talking about colonization, like erasure of cultures and that’s what a lot of us experience in this country…I know she’s Cuban and I’m Mexican…there’s indigenous cultures and colonizing cultures that make up who I am, so she puts it all in one place and is able to have that conversation in these monumental works.”

Both San Cha and Teresita Fernández will be participants in “Crossfade LAB” which CALA describes as, “intimate conversations about art identity and social justice.”

This event is both performance and discussion.

“My stage name is ‘San Cha’ and it’s two words…’San’ is like San Francisco, San Jose, like male saints and ‘San Cha’ as one word means mistress…being from a catholic, rural, Mexican family, the saints play that kind of role like the mistress and also…I was thinking about in music how people worship their musicians,” San Cha said.

She continues that although people may worship musicians there’s also another side is people throwing rocks at the mistresses or famous people.

“I wanted to kind of embody that feeling of being the enemy…being the one that distracts you from this main source.”

More information on this “Crossfade” event, you can go to,

San Cha, Musical Artist

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