Playlist 48

“Playlist 48” highlights artists of all genres with connections to Arizona, the 48th state. Episodes feature two original songs with a brief interview segment in the middle, allowing the artists to talk about their music and their lives, including other work and interests. As a whole, the series serves as a curated playlist of Arizona’s music scene and the artists who are shaping it today.
New episodes premiere Fridays on, Arizona PBS’ Facebook and Instagram, and the PBS Video app.

Featured episode

Jan. 7, 2022
Walt Richardson
Dec. 9, 2021
Julian Nguyen
Dec. 3, 2021
The Heartless

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Previous episodes

Nov. 19, 2021
The Black Moods
Nov. 11, 2021
Jermaine Lockhart
Nov. 5, 2021
Danielle Durack
Nov. 3, 2021
Playlist 48 preview

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