Watch ‘Art in the 48’ every Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

A community needs art to truly feel alive. Join host Alberto Rios to meet Arizona artists and hear their stories firsthand on “Art in the 48,” airing every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Trace the impact of living artists on their communities, and see how art is all around us. From across the art spectrum – painters and sculptors, musicians and dancers, museums and theaters and more – see where life meets art.

In addition to airing on Arizona PBS, episodes of “Art in the 48” will be able to stream online at and on the PBS app. Viewers are invited to join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #Art48.

“Art in the 48” is an Arizona PBS original production made possible, in part, by support from The Ottosen Family Foundation. Additional support is provided by The Linkous Group, Copenhagen and Hospice of the Valley.


Alberto visits a muralist who grew up in Phoenix, we talk with an artist who uses records as the canvas for his rock-n-roll paintings. We find out what it takes to be a curator at the Phoenix Art Museum and a local hat maker with a famous clientele.


Host Alberto Rios visits ‘Paintmouth‘ to see how his art inspires others. An ASU professor shines the light on the lost art of neon and a field trip with a photography program helping kids survive trauma.


Host Alberto Rios tries his hand at glass sculpting. How art helps veterans heal from the invisible wounds of war. Learning about the origins of the Black Theatre Troupe and their impact on the community. And, a field trip to First Friday in Downtown Phoenix.


A conversation with Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, Arizona’s only Tony Awards voter. A visit to a guitar making school in Phoenix that’s considered one of the best in the world. How skateboards and art are helping kids on the San Carlos-Apache reservation. And, a jazz improv class for high school students.


We head to independent bookstore, Changing Hands, as they celebrate 45 years in business, a day in the life of married ballet dancers from Ballet Arizona, and the interesting day jobs of the Grammy Award-winning Phoenix Chorale.


An artist uses his work to feed the elderly homeless population, a furniture maker who only uses Arizona-grown trees, the “secret” behind a giant sculpture in Downtown Phoenix, and a look at a theatre company for people with disabilities.

107: Sept. 17

Host Alberto Rios takes a field trip to “Wonderspaces,” an immersive and experimental art installation in the food court of Scottsdale Fashion Square. We learn the history of Mexico’s famous Ballet Folklorico. Go behind the scenes of the Arizona Opera to see how they make costumes for their productions. And a trip down memory lane with the owner of the Celebrity Theatre.

108: Sept. 24

A painter who uses her family’s painful history as sharecroppers to create her powerful works of art. Phoenix Theatre celebrates 100 years of serving the community and its connection to film director Steven Spielberg. Take a tour of the art inside Sky Harbor International Airport. And, meet a native potter keeping his ancestors’ traditions alive through his designs.


Host Alberto Rios heads to Xico, the cultural hub of Latino and Indigenous artists in Arizona and gets a lesson in printmaking. A look at one of the best jazz clubs in the country, The Nash and its namesake, Lewis Nash. We take a trip to a breakdancing studio and a lesson in the age-old art of letterpress.


Host Alberto Rios visits Childsplay, a professional theatre company for children. Learn about one of the nation’s oldest art walks. A look at Mujeres del Sol, an all-female spoken word group. And, how ballet can help with Parkinson’s Disease.


Host Alberto Rios chats with Phoenix Symphony’s Matthew Kasper — one of the youngest conductors in the world. Explore the art of blacksmithing, visit a free musical program for inner-city kids and peek behind the scenes of SMoCA’s new outdoor art installation.


Host Alberto Rios talks with social justice artist, Gregory Sale about his projects with former incarcerated individuals. A trip to First Friday to see Typewriter Poetry in action. A ceramicist whose stunning works is in galleries, spaces, and the home of the late Muhammed Ali. And, we join a food stylist on the job and she shares her insider tips.


Gallery owner Lisa Sette talks about her three decades in the art world. A public photography class at Taliesin West. A truck driver turned sculptor who creates with a 3-D printer and a visit with one of the nation’s best Western artists.

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