Antiques Roadshow ‘Vintage Tucson 2021’ and ‘Celebrating Black Americana’

Monday, Feb. 1 at 7 and 8 p.m.

Join us on a trip to visit our southern neighbors for some hot finds in “Vintage Tucson 2021”! Check out this clip from Hour 1 of “Vintage Tucson” and join us for Hour 2 where we discover blazing hot Tucson treasures include a Mexican charro saddle, Gaston Chaissac artwork, and a 1956 Olympics USA Basketball memorabilia. Has marketplace cooled down since they were appraised in 2006? Not for one $65,000-$110,000 find!

Then at 8 p.m., “Antiques Roadshow” honors Black History Month with this special episode “Celebrating Black Americana.” Highlights include an 1821 U.S. citizenship certificate for George Barker, a free man of color; an African-American beauty book written by Madam C.J. Walker, the first American female millionaire; and a trip with host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Leila Dunbar to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

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